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Rugged. Reliable. Robust.

Plan of a TAC



Machine learning, deep learning, inferencing, and video surveillance where GPUs are a must



Fanless, sealed, ultra-rugged design that thrives in harsh environments, from -51°C to 85°C




High-performance computing power in a small, lightweight, MIL-SPEC enclosure 

tactical advanced sff computer

A Comprehensive Solution to Your SWaP-C Requirements

Just under 6 pounds and highly adaptable, the fanless, cost-effective TAC is armed with low-power processing and security-conscious hardware to ensure optimal performance. 


Supply Chain Risk Management

A tight grip on our supply chain

Trusted components acquired through a vetted supply chain to protect against counterfeit parts and increase efficiency.

We're here to help

5-Year Warranty
Lifetime Support
Maximum Quality
Close Open 5-Year Warranty

Our five-year warranty gives you peace of mind as our engineers work tirelessly to support you through and through.

Close Open Lifetime Support

Once a customer, always a customer. Team Trenton's engineers will support you anytime, anywhere. 

Close Open Maximum Quality

Here at Trenton, we aim to make products with decades-long lifespans to minimize risk, total cost of ownership, and technical headaches.


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